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Ron gives his theory that school teaches the wrong things at the wrong times in the wrong way..........Guest: Dr. Amy Heaton 

Ron is upset with our society and the nightmare that we live through... Guest: Author Bonnie Schneider "Extreme Weather"

Ron has problems checking out at a CVS. He also describes his rules at his own parties and then questions a certain odd sexual pleasure..... Guest: Dr. Benjamin Brucker has a solut...

Actress/Humorist Tori LaGarde jons Ron for another Monday's look at society, news items, and various absurdities.

Ron interviews 11 guests in this interview special. Guests: Sophie Keller about mortgages; Dr. Jennifer Rasmussen Winkler about strokes; Anna Colton about women in finance; Kevin G...

There's no cable TV reception and Ron's pissed, how to handle people who constantly say stupid things..... Guest: Autor Radha Argawal about how to "Belong" 

Ron examines Trump's hurricane relief performance as we prepare for Hurricane Florence.......Guests: Amanda Hale about medical prepping for Florence... Mayor Jim Brainard of Carmel...

Ron discusses Bob Woodward's new book "Fear", also living on the edge....Dr. Cass Ingram about taking care of colds with natural herbals

Ron comments on how technology is taking away the fun of everything, and gets upset with the phrase "no problem"... Guest: Lawrence Burns helped develop the driverless car

Ron is joined by actress/humorist Tori LaGarde, as they discuss a plethora of interesting and yet odd topics

Ron talks about NFL players agreeing to hurt themselves, Presidents that won't shut up, and the latest episode of the White House reality show..... Guests: Famous You Tube Hosts Ca...

Ron lays into Trump. The true enemy of the people is not the Press, it's the person who is out to control and destroy it.....Guest: Dr. Ronald Emkey about prednisone

Ron hits some topics that we might all find rather odd..... Guest: Dr. James Lewis about IBD

Ron spouts off on a number of annoying pharmacies, failing cell phones, on-line lists, and trying to make choices between the lesser of two evils.... Guest: Dr. Corey ...

Actress/Humorist Tori LaGarde joins Ron for a Labor Day Special. Some Topics: Bathroom Sex, AOL LOL, School Showers, All Liquored Up, Hold Your Smoke, Burger Politics, Pyramid Sche...

Ron recalls some of John McCain's comments about respect....... Guest: Dr. Brain Babka about stroke prevention

Ron talks about his usual confusions of life.... Guest: Author Karen Gross "Lady Lucy's Quest" and "Lady Lucy's Laugh Giraffe Journey"  

Ron questions Trump's goodness, violent nuns, other stuff.... Guest: Author Dav Pilkey, creator of Dog Man and Captain Underpants "Dog Man: Lord Of The Fleas"

Ron hits on various topics: Trump's inability to be civil, kids back to school, BBQ party small talk, other stuff... Guest Terra Wellington about kids back to school SimpleMomsGuid...

Ron is joined by Actress/Humorist Tori LaGarde today to discuss issues and to voice outrageous observations

Ron rags on various topics including conspiracy theories and apologies from the Pope...... Guest: Author Karin Slaughter "Pieces of Her"

Ron devotes this episode to the modern airline industry with an extended interview featuring Author Jennifer Coutts Clay "Jetliner Cabins: Evolution and Innovation"

Ron talks about Trump being cornered by his own associates and how much of the public has no idea what's happening..... Guest: Dr. Len Friedlander about meningitis

Ron rips into Trump on many different levels and none have anything to do with policies.... Guest: PGA Golf Champion Tim Herron

Ron is joined by actress/humorist Tori LaGarde in a romp through various topics.

Ron recalls his absurd trip to Maine.... Guest: Dr. Surkis Bedikian talks about resolving knee nad hip pain

Ron is confused in rest rooms and then complains about how long it takes for women to get ready... Guest: Anthony Ingham with W Hotels and their music festivals

No guests today. Just Ron spouting off.

Ron gets grumpy about social media security and light bulbs... Guest : Anne Flenner about people with acne and how social media deals with it.

Ron and actress/humorist Tori LaGarde have conversation about various topics

Ron rumbles through a miriad of frustrations.

Ron dumps on Trump and points out that he tends to hire felons.... Guest: Author Dan Blatt about the Great Depression.

Ron complains about strange variety acts and then rants on small talk interactions.... Guest: Author Anne Goodwin "Come To The Lake: Reflections on a Cottage and food

Ron complains about four year presidentail terms... Guest: Author Tito Abao "The Monograph of the Parallel Life of Tito Abao and Nero", who believes he was Nero in a past life.

Ron is visited by actress/humorist Tori LaGarde to discuss various topics.

Ron hits a number of subjects in this show of biblical proportions.. Guest: Brain Expert Michael Lewis

Ron compares life to a shopping cart. He then questions why certain celebrities are famous...Guest: Dr. Pepper Schwartz talks about relationships after 40.

Ron dumps on Trump's rise to dictatorship... Guest: Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek of The Weather Company

Ron wonders why women do certain weird things and then criticizes people who talk way too much.. Guest: Shalene McNeill is Executive Director of Nutrition for Beef Council

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