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Ron takes a hard look at so-called opinion surveys, finds no way to tip the Chef, other stuff...Guest: Journalist Patricia Schultz talks about women who travel

Ron wants to move where there is no snow, what the heck is applewood?, everyone complains about something...Guest: Jill Geisler from the Newseum in Washington DC

Ron lost an hour with the clock thing, cable company visit, Weather Expert Jim Clambaker gives the snow forecast... Guest: Author Reggie Hill "Lakewood: Reggie and Anita's Camelot"

Planes, Trains and Lyft, SoBe, Hostels, New York City in 2 Hours, When Exes Girlfriends Hit You Up

Ron hates storms and snow, dislikes American Idol, and remarks at stupid phrases...Guest: New England Patriot Malcolm Mitchell "The Magician's Hat"

Ron ponders the question: "What's The Deal With Florida?"....Guest: Author John Hart, NYT bestseller "The Hush"

Francesca Luca hosts comedian, actress and author Katie Goodman.

Ron has the memory of a jellyfish, Ryan Seacrest scandal, Stormy Daniels vs. Trump... Guest: Sr. VP Fidelity Retirement Ken Hevert

Ron realizes that we're all idiots, playing for the lottery win, finding Mother Nature, battery life...Guest: Dr, Michael Callaghan about hemophilia

Ron lost his power this weekend while Trump exercised his, dictators for life, other stuff... Guest: Dr. Hermanowiez about Parkinson's Disease and medical advances

Host Francesca Luca...featuring award-winning author and journalist Peggy Orenstein.

Ron talks about his awful vacation in the "mountains", how to name cheese, other stuff... Guest: Bachelorette Celebrity Trista Sutter and Ron talk about clean air

Ron remembers the days when actual people answered the phone, his revolt against robots...Guests: Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan from "Go Fug Yourself" about holding an Oscar par...

Ron talks about the pitfalls of supermarket shopping...Guest: NYT best selling author David Strut about  employee workplace appreciation day

Ron rags on the White House Staff, NRA Discounts?, decides to end robo-calls, other stuff...Guest: Debora Carrier,RDH about avoiding and repairing gum disease

America's love affair with cheese morphs into the love affair with pizza and all of it's offerings, Ron looks at arming (sarcastically) everyone with guns? ... Guest: Mick McKeown ...

Ron dumps on charities that are stalking him, reveals the winning lottery numbers, and other stuff...Guest: Connie Harshaw (President of Potomac Valley Section) at the First Baptis...

What happened to Court TV?, Things people say that bothers me, Playing house with a girl when I was a kid and the roles we portrayed... Guest: Chris Byrne- The Toy Guy at the New Y...

Ron is frustrated about special interest groups with money, the Trump White House circus performance, and things his doctor tells him.... Guest: Dr. Tia M. Rains, director of Egg N...

Ron is amazed how children actually rule the adult humans, how to tell someone isn't listening to you, when to lie...Guest: Kumon Education Expert Dominique Ciccarelli about early ...

Ron doesn't understand Olympic Curling at all...Why do golf announcers whisper?...It's cold and snowy, so why do you go outside?...Guest: Chef Jeff Mauro talks about cooking with k...

Ron gives his views on school safety, background checks, and assault weapons.......... Guest: Author Bill Eddy "Five Types of People That Can Ruin Your Life"

Ron demonstrates his ice skating skills, talks about getting older, other stuff...Guest: Author Barbara Hannah Grufferman "Love Your Age"

Hosted by Francesca Luca..This weeks guest is author and self-help expert, Sarah Brown, Ph. D.

 Today Is Not a Holiday, Grammy's Were Boring, Walmart Saves You Embarrassment, James Franco Hosed, Champ Jack Johnson, Johnny WeirD, If You Hate Life Then Live It, Three Secrets ...

Ron investigates the Hush money Porn Star Stormy Daniels, prepares to cut out sugar for a month, hits the Valentine's Day celebration..........Guest: Author and You Tube star Parry...

Ron explores the ills of Valentine's Day and warns against the pitfalls, allergic to Trump, learn how to shut up......Guest: Fragrance Expert Christian Ramirez

Ron questions turkey leg mentality at Renaissance Fairs, not watching the olympics, foot massages, who pays for all this government stuff?.... Guest: Inventor, Lead Scientist Sean ...

Ron is ffreaked out by clowns, the color orange, and large eyed humans.... Guest: Author Maya El "Book of Angels: Twin Flames Rising"

This week's Talk with Francesca Luca features Dr. Venetria Patton, the head of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies at Purdue University

Ron can't understand telemarketers, is confused by on line checking accounts, and wonders who has it "EZ?"..Guest: Tax Expert Andrew Wagner from H&R Block

Apparently Ron slept wrong, the lost comfort from childhood, other stuff... Guest: Author Leslie Kean talks about the afterlife possibilities in her book "Surviving Death"

Ron's Topics: Stock Market Concerns, Too Many Choices, Pharmacy Flu Shot Experience, Other Stuff.... Guest: Dr. Jeffrey Weber talks about a way to combat recurring melanoma

Ron brags about his prediction, talks about weird men's clothing, exposes crazy for what it is...Guest: Samantha Clayton, exercise guru and former olympian

Ron exposes Punxsutawney Phil for the rodent that he is........Guest: Relationship Expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz talks about dating after 40 years old

Ron gives his opinions on the Super Bowl.... Guest: Expert Patti Woods talks about body language and eye contact

Ron is upset at a major phone company about charges, why we put squids in our mouths...Guest: Author James Dennison about Vietnam War "Survivor Love Thy Enemy"

Ron discovers that HGTV reality is faked, there are people everywhere, constant travel advisory...Guest: Pres/CEO American Trucking Transportation Research Rebecca Brewster points ...

Ron is annoyed by fussy screaming children, knows it's 5 o'clock somewhere, is disappointed in his favorite restaurant....Guest: Author Nicole Kelly, M.D. "69 Shades of Nashville":...

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